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Simon Sobo, M.D. retired in August, 2013 from a private psychiatric practice in Northwestern Connecticut.   He replaced author Scott Peck (The Road Less Travelled) as Chief of Psychiatry at New Milford Hospital from 1981-99, and was president of the hospital medical staff from 1990-92.   After finishing his training at Albert Einstein School of Medicine he taught there for 3 years before realizing that he was not cut out for academia.  He needed freedom to express whatever he had to say without worrying about career consequences.  Einstein was a leading Freudian institution at the time, so, it was almost inevitable that Dr. Sobo became a fierce critic of Freud.  Still later, when Freud went out of fashion, he became a proponent of many, though certainly not all, of his ideas.

(note added 8/15/2013) Now fully retired  I am more and more aware of how much group think drives me crazy and how much I have been as guilty as anyone else of joining and earnestly embracing what everyone else believes.   I thought I was being independent by going along with bohemian ideas.  But it was the same crap. Group think has the ability to camouflage itself as  one of our own  thoughts.  It’s only as I approach the leaping off place that  retirement allows that I am able to contemplate just how often I have been deceived by my need to belong, to believe what everyone else says they believe. Psychiatry, in particular, requires an element of  silence and posturing,  if  patients are not to think of their shrink as a crazy man, or worse.

Admittedly, all along, as eager as I have been to believe what others believe to be true, I’ve been iconoclastic when ever I feel pressured.  It is a particular dynamic in me that has been set off again and again.  However, the issues discussed in my papers, are not simply oppositional. Then as now I truly care about the subject being addressed, and gave it my all to think the issues through.  But I only went so far.  I was intent on being honest, yes, but I was also afraid to go too far.  This cautiousness  happened automatically.  The mechanism is more apparent in the strange social environment we live in today, when the mob goes  wild when someone  expresses an  idea even a smidgeon off from the correct.  Now, I am more willing to take my chances. 

Sobo has 4 children and 6 grandchildren the last with the coolest name, Orly Anastacia Sobo.  He has written a novel and screenplay version of  Commodore, based on Cornelius Vanderbilt’s extraordinary life.    He has  written a screenplay and novel  After Lisa based on a horrifying case in which an HMO essentially killed a 16 year old boy.  Also a novella The Ballroom.  and most recently, 1968 Changed Everything.  I consider this phase of my writing the most important work I have done.  Visitors to this page are urged to take a look.

With his wife, Linda, he has also written two children’s musicals, Anna Oceanna (which was performed at New Milford TheatreWorks) and Iron John.  Linda’s song “Light One Candle” was performed by Ronnie Spector on the David Letterman Show.  Listen to her music . Sobo is also a  passionate gardener, and off and on does photography, many times very seriously  Albums of his photos can be found  here